SHŌ Group is a global experiential hospitality platform that builds communities through one-of-a-kind guest experiences.

Introducing SHŌ Club

SHŌ Club is an exclusive membership club providing access to unique experiences and services across the SHŌ Group platform.

SHŌ Group

We are on a mission to defy expectations and shift perspectives through the creation of meaningful moments and interactions that rewrite the rules of hospitality. Through this, we aspire to build Innovative communities that inspire people to discover, grow, support, and connect.

An Experiential Hospitality Platform

SHŌ Group is a global experiential hospitality platform that builds communities through the creation of one-of-a-kind guest experiences across fine dining, nightlife, retail food concepts, and events.

Elemental Energy

As a collective that ushers in the spirit of community and progress, SHŌ Group channels both natural elements and cultural forces, bringing lively hospitality and dynamism into our day-to-day lives.

Earth & Family

Community, Locality, and Our Roots
SHŌ Group provides a foundation for community, fostering and nurturing a network of like-minded individuals.

Water & Flow

Ease, Service, and Hospitality
Hospitality is the name of the game for SHŌ Group, and we prioritize exceptional — and unexpected — service for our guests and members.

Fire & Fuel

Technology, Food, and Energy
Our forward-thinking spirit is palpable — we exude energy and enthusiasm for innovative technologies and excellent food.

Air & Feeling

Excitement, Spirit, and Team Culture
SHŌ Group culture is defined by our collective passion and enthusiasm, creating a familial atmosphere for our employees and palpable energy for our guests.

A Dynamic Synergy

SHŌ Group brings two worlds together under one roof as award-winning Chef Shotaro “Sho” Kamio teams up with entrepreneur and food and technology industry veteran, Josh Sigel. It’s a pairing that’s sure to pique the curiosity of even the most discerning hospitality enthusiasts.
Joshua Sigel & Shotaro Kamio

SHŌ Team

In The Press

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Interested in becoming a SHŌ Club Member?

Powering this community is an entirely unique application of digital tech and Web3 technologies in the culinary arts, inviting independent-minded members to take part in our cultural, social, and tasting experiences and perks.

Joshua Sigel

Founder, CEO
Josh Sigel is a leading authority on emerging food brands, food retail, supply chain, and food tech—bringing with him a wealth of expertise in operations, nightlife, and award-winning customer experiences. He has a clear purview of the two worlds of tech and food that define the Bay area, and brings an acute eye for exploring the future of food.