A New Level of Hospitality

Perched atop San Francisco’s newest landmark, the Salesforce Transit Center, and amid over five evergreen acres of park space, the next chapter of San Francisco’s hospitality story is being written. SHŌ will introduce a culinary entertainment and nightlife experience unlike any other, transporting guests and creating meaningful moments.

Iconic Location in Heart of San Francisco

SHŌ is the only rooftop restaurant located on the Salesforce Transit Center’s roof, a 5.4-acre public urban oasis in the sky called Salesforce Park. The Transbay Joint Powers Authority’s (TJPA) Salesforce Transit Center is a multimodal facility connecting nine Bay Area transit systems bringing riders from eight Bay Area counties. The city’s newest landmark connects people in and outside the Bay Area.

World Class Design & Architecture

To honor and elevate the restaurant’s world-class location, SHŌ Group has partnered with the San Francisco studio of award-winning international design firm AvroKO, who are behind some of the world’s most iconic restaurants. Every space inside and out has been thoughtfully designed to deliver an unparalleled dining and nightlife experience.

Impressions From Above

Every viewing angle from above showcases the crown jewel of the park, a beautifully designed structure that creates a sense of anticipation, excitement, and immersion.

The Dining Room

Just off the entryway, guests descend into the subterranean dining room, where they are met with cozy banquettes and sun-filled windows as their eyes catch the blaze of the Irori grill.

The Patio

An outdoor dining room and lounge in the sky. The patio offers unparalleled al fresco seating with its own outdoor craft cocktail bar and cozy fireplaces for those brisk days.

Private Dining Mezzanine

A staircase adjacent to the Dining Room leads to the Mezzanine—an ideal location for hosting private events of up to 100 guests. This space features sliding walls with communal tables making it a great option for corporate lunches and intimate parties alike.

The Sky Lounge

SHŌ’s airy rooftop lounge offers a highly dynamic range of experiences with a sushi and cocktail bar, nightly programming, live DJ sets—and, of course, the view.

IRORI Dining

SHŌ will feature a Japanese culinary tradition never before introduced in America: IRORI dining, or rustic farmhouse cuisine centered around the fireplace. SHŌ will also feature a harmony of time-honored fermented items and farm-fresh ingredients such as miso, shōyu, dried bonito, konbu, kōji, black vinegar, aged sake, and much more. Meanwhile, a whole range of seafood and meats are prepared with these ingredients resulting in meals of exquisite flavor.

IRORI Dining

Irori dining showcases the ingredients and time-honored cooking techniques of Japan’s villages before modern cooking evolved together with technology.

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